What is the best way for consumers to tell what is authentic and genuine designer bags and fakes?

For decades, tourists used to flock to the city’s Canal Street to look at counterfeit handbags that were sold by vendors discreetly whispering designer names like “Gucci” and “Louis” before leading them to rooms that were stocked with plastic-wrapped bags. The Sex and The City Episode in which Samantha and Carrie steal an Fendi handbag from the trunk of a car located in Los Angeles might be familiar to you. This is one of the more well-known examples.
Woman walks down the streets wearing the Louis Vuitton look alike that an acquaintance gave her as a present. https://lvplus.tw/bags/ People have found themselves in embarrassing situations in which their item was found to be a counterfeit or fake item (like the time the manager of the store at Tiffany & Co. had to find me and say that the necklace that my I received from my ex “appears to be an imitation Tiffany & Co. piece” and I was required to get out of the store as soon as possible (is my privilege showing? ).