The Facts About Counterfeit Luxury Handbags

False luxury handbags: The real story. LV短夾 The law is broken when the purchase of a counterfeit bag can be justified with claims like “sellers are just giving people their desired items at a lower cost” or “I’m only carrying it for just a few minutes, but I’m not able afford the genuine item” or “the high-end brands have the most money and therefore won’t be harmed in any way.”
lv錢包女 Tourists used to go to the city’s Canal Street for decades to view fake handbags. They were led into rooms with bags wrapped in plastic before being told brand names like “Gucci” as well as “Louis”. You may remember the Sex and The City Episode when Samantha and Carrie buy fake Fendi from the trunk of a vehicle in LA. There are other examples to consider.